Workshop 4 – Flogassage: The Bioenergetics of Multiple Loves

Workshop 4 – Flogassage:  The Bioenergetics of Multiple Loves

Learning the Arts of Loving with Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio

This workshop combines small group massage and mild flogging to convey the bio-energetic experience of polyamory compersion, tantric energy and kundalini, and love for the person

Compersion is the ability to share love among three or more people.  Practicing compersion helps to transmute jealousy into the joy and elation of being present to multiple loves, to give up exclusivity, and to express pleasure and ecstasy (or being the “pleasure emitter” in a multipartnering situation

Tantric Energy & Kundalini are modes of amorous expression that enable one to give, receive, store, and transmute erotic energy throughout the body and the chakra system.  These modes are often experienced indirectly.   In this workshop we focus on the back side of the body as a place to store and transmute these energies.

Love for the person is the ability to love someone independently of their gender and sexual orientation.  Many experienced bisexuals practice this kind of love.  In this workshop we focus on changing roles within a small group, exchanging erotic energy with diverse participants, adjusting degrees of participation, and experiencing full-body erotic pleasure, to convey the experience of loving the person.

“I was fortunate to attend a flogassage organized by Serena. It was not on the agenda for the weekend, but was one of the highlights of my experience. Serena expertly set the mood and our expectations, then smoothly guided us through hours of sensual touch experiences unlike anything I had ever experienced before. She is truly gifted,” said Michael from Massachusetts.

This workshop is open to everyone over 18. 
It is especially recommended for massage therapists and other kinds of holistic healers interested in exploring the sensual aspects of the healing arts. 
The workshop will be held in a clothing optional environment. 
Participation in the exercises is based on consent.  Graded levels of participation are encouraged.

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