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A Letter about Myself – What Is Success and How Is it Measured?

Hi lovely Earthlings!

Last spring yours truly took a human potential course called Personal Passion Formula.  It’s a way to push oneself to play out of the box and redesign one’s life to suit new interests and inspirations.  

Students had to evaluate their current level of success and determine the values based on which success was measured for themselves.  

These are always somewhat sensitive moments and the value of these trainings is mainly introspective.  They force one to look within more closely. 

Here are the values that 
came up for me:


Interesting, no?

Then students had to combine these values in a narrative that explained them and connected them together.  

This is the narrative yours truly came up with:

Success in my life means that I always consider others part of my family.  The differences and distances only create more unity.  People are part of my family because they are part of the human and planetary family.  The legacy I want to leave to this family is one of foresight and every action I take in the present comes from the perspective of a peaceful, happy, and abundant future.  This sense of purpose makes me a beacon of wisdom that radiates with knowledge and patience, forbearance and open-mindedness, insightfulness and compassion to those seeking a life that is creative, out-of-the-box, and free.  

This new design excites me a lot.  And some of you might get excited with me as well.  I am putting this out there with the intention of accepting the gifts life has in store.   
I look forward to hearing from you. 
Thank you!
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serenagaia • August 30, 2011

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