The Symbiosis of Ecosexual Love, Rome, August 30-September 5, 2020 – An Alchemic Journey

Welcome to the Symbiosis of Eco-Sexual Love, an Alchemic Journey.


The symbiosis of eco-sexual love is an advanced alchemical laboratory in which we deepen the foundations laid during the introductory weekend of the Alchemy of Ecosexual love.

Note: In this “Covid summer” of 2020, we have simply decided to be open to a possible beta run of it, to start right after the Alchemy weekend (Aug 28-30). For our health and happiness guidelines we refer to Awareness, Safety and Care in Covid Times. Thank you!

The elements of Tao, Tantra, amorous inclusiveness and sexual fluidity will be the basis for going deeply into the path that leads to the practice of love as an ecology of life traced by the voice of Gaia, the Earth or partner we all already always share.

When we interpret symbiosis as an evolutionary principle we realize how essential it is to practice sharing resources of love, and how much this symbiotic alchemy can enrich our existence with joy, vitality, and abundance.

This advanced alchemical laboratory will be org
anized around the six conversations with Gaia channeled by SerenaGaia through a connection trance with this mythological figure and Earth goddess. Gaia is also the name given to one of the most significant scientific theories of the paradigmatic shift we now face as we enter the age of Aquarius.

If we are ecosystems activated by symbiotic parts that collaborate, interconnected with the other ecosystems with whom we coexist, it follows that we are already always included in a relational system whose morphogenetic fields vibrate with the energies that we activate them with.

In the laboratory we will study these fields, activating them through our choral reading of the Conversations with Gaia and the practices related to each of the themes treated therein.

Every day we will face a conversation and the transmissions from Gaia that it will bring to us. We will comment, practice and allow these transmissions to sediment in our vibrational field. The magical context in which we will move will be the Suncave Gardens ecosystem, which will host us exclusively for the duration of the journey, including its verdant meadows, the suggestive caves (where we hope a tantric space with jacuzzi will be active), the tantric temple tent, the naturist pool, the loggia and dining space, the various accommodations and services, and so on.

Six transmissions for six days, from Sunday to Friday, closing on Saturday after lunch.

The entrance to the caves with the Jacuzzi inside.




Are you considering our proposal? The value of the course is € 397. Our early bird offer is open. An in depth course for a full week now at only € 247! And our gratitude for joining in the core group.


Bank transfer to Serena Anderlini – IBAN: DE97 7001 1110 6052 5144 00 – BIC/SWIFT DEKTDE7GXXX – Adddress: Handelsbank, Elsenheimer Str. 41, Munchen 80687 Germany.

Refunds?  Until July 28, 100 percent guaranteed. After that date: please ask us and we’ll do our best. Thanks!

The alchemical journey of each day will be integrated by the areas and activities dedicated to the Garden of Pleasures. There, in the afternoons, participants and our healers will offer a wide range of group and private sessions at special prices for the exclusive use of participants. Given the extreme opening of the moment when they go to practice, these sessions can open significant new paths in the lives of those who take advantage of them.

The naturist swimming pool will be available for those who want to enjoy it in their free hours. The evenings will be open to both guided and free practices that Gaia’s transmissions will inspire in us, in spaces designated as tantric temples. Click here for ACCOMMODATIONS AND BOOKINGS. Thank you!

This advanced course is available only to those who have already participated at least once in the intensive introductory weekend called Alchemy of Ecosexual Love.

A copy of the book Alchemies of Ecosexual Love will be offered as a tribute to participants. It contains the conversations channeled from Gaia, and ideas for activities with which to continue practicing and expanding your alchemical connections and your communities.


Sunday August 30th:

Afternoon: Opening Circle

Reading, The Alchemy of Ecosexual Love, “Introduction and Transmission 1.”

What is this Alchemy? How can we go deeper into it? What themes does it introduce us? How are these themes related? In this way do the elements of the Alchemy of Ecosexual Love integrate into Gaia’s evolutionary symbiosis?


The Wheel of Consent: How to live a life of agreement and negotiation (from the research of Betty Martin)

Monday August 31st:

Morning: Consent According to Gaia

What happens when the Earth becomes the companion that we all already share anyway? How does Gaia tell us, or does Gaia say no? How can we question it, listen to it? What awareness does this bring us with respect to our relational morphogenetic fields?

“Initiations, Transmission 2”

Why are initiations important? What kind of awareness can we derive from it? How do they help us connect with our inner landscape, with that of and of other people, forms of life, biospheres, entities?

Afternoon: Introduction to Posture, with Bruno Fogliano, Introduction to Holistic Self Care with Adi Ananda

Evening: Temple night

Tuesday September 1st:

Morning: “The Pleasure of the Other, Transmission 3”

How can we experience the pleasure of the person we are loving? How can we allow this person to live our pleasure? What happens when everyone experiences the other person’s pleasure? How do we turn jealousy and possessiveness into compassion, or joy into the joy of the people we love even when the source is themselves or others? How can we generate shared ecstasy in this exchange?

Afternoon: Introduction to Pelvic-Heart Integration, with Tanya Rozenthal

Evening: Temple night, private sessions

Wednesday September 2nd:

Morning: “Beyond Monogamy and Monosexuality, Transmission 4”

How can we open up beyond the limitations imposed by the ideologies of monogamy and monosexuality? What is the meaning of exclusivity and inclusiveness as chosen practices? How can we love the person and not the gender in which he incarnated?

Afternoon: Private sessions, leisure time at pool

Evening: Temple night, private sessions

Thursday September 3rd:

Mornning: “Romance, Sexuality, and Exclusivity, Transmission 5”

How are these elements of love connected in the inner landscape of each of us? How did these connections occur? Do we need these connection modes? Do they help us? We like them? How else could these elements connect? How can we deprogram the ways that we don’t need and create those that instead support us in generating health, abundance, and vitality in our ecosystems and those of people, life forms, and host spaces that we love?

Afternoon: Private sessions, leisure time at pool

Temple night

Friday September 4th:

Morning: “Compersion, the Spirit of Polyamory, Transmission 6”

What is compersion and how can we introduce this emotion into our inner landscape? What relationship can we establish between our compassion and that of the Earth, Gaia, the companion we already all share? How can compersion bring about our health and that of the beings we love?

Afternoon: Private sessions

Evening: Temple night

Saturday September 5th:

Integration and closing circle, goodbyes. What do i take home? What changed within me? What morphogenetic fields are active in me and around me?


WHERE? The amazing location for this intensive weekend is Suncave Gardens, a beautiful Casa Vacanze and retreat center in the verdant hills of the Roman countryside. Click here for ACCOMMODATIONS AND BOOKINGS. Thank you!

PROGRAM. Find all details about the Alchemy program and schedule.

FACILITATION TEAM. Who is on the facilitation team, what qualifications and experiences can they offer you?

JARDIN DES PLAISIRS. Discover here what this Garden of Pleasures is and what it can offer to you.

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Can we answer any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you in your journey of #EcosexualLove. Enjoy!

aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
Erstwhile Professor of Humanities and Cinema at UPRM Convenor of Practices of Ecosexuality: A Symposium
Author of Multiple Books Website Contact:, + 39 329 477 9406. Teacher of Humanities Online Series – Modern History for the Humanities and Love ResearchGate Profile Profile
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Fellow at the Humanities Institute, University of Connecticut, Storrs (2012-13) Project: “Amorous Visions: Ecosexual Perspectives on Italian Cinema”
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